Parks and Recreation announces reduction in fees for Spring Sports

The Floyd County Commission approved on Tuesday reductions in registration fees for spring recreational sports, announced officials of the Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation Department.

The new fee breakdowns are as follows:

  • Spring Softball: Early registration for softball will be $65, and $75 for regular registration, with late registration fees at $90.
  • Spring Baseball: Early registration for baseball will be $65, and $75 for regular registration, with late registration fees at $90.
  • Spring T-Ball: Early Registration fees for t-ball will be $50, and $60 for regular registration, with late registration fees at $70.

Softball, baseball and T-ball early registration dates are Feb. 1 – Feb. 7. Regular registration dates are Feb. 8 – March 4. Late registration begins March 5 and runs until registration closes officially, of which the public will be notified.

Additionally, discounts will be applied for multiple children in a household who register during regular registration, with $10 off being applied for additional children.

For example, if the first child pays $75 during the regular registration dates for baseball, each additional child would register for $65 for baseball.4

Kevin Cowling, director of Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation said these reductions and discounts should make registering for recreational sports easier on families’ wallets, and give more children the chance to play.

“Our primary purpose is to serve community members by making recreational sports possible for each child who wants to play,” Cowling said. “We want the public to know that we have heard their concerns, and by making these registrations more affordable, we hope to give local young athletes more opportunities to experience sports and develop character through teamwork, making new friends and having fun.”

Registration for softball, baseball and t-ball can be completed online at, or by registering in-person at the Parks and Recreation Administrative Headquarters located at 1 Shorter Ave. For questions, call 706-291-0766.


2 thoughts on “Parks and Recreation announces reduction in fees for Spring Sports

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  1. This fee is absurd. I’m not aware of the number of children who participate in the programs, but apparently those umpires and snack bar workers get paid plenty. Its my opinion that monies collected for softball, baseball, and soccer, should be earmarked for maintaining the ballfields. Same goes for football, and basketball. I can’t imagine, with all the ball players and cheerleaders, times 60 or 70 dollars, there should be a surplus of funds. The tennis center shouldn’t be funded with monies from rec ball or the cheerleaders. Yes, you said families with multiple children will get 10.00 discounts per child, but you are not taking into consideration there is still shoes, uniforms, and equipment to buy. I don’t see how you think you have done people a favor with these cuts, as there will be families who still can’t afford for their children to play rec ball. Its all about the money, maybe instead of taking away from the children, maybe y’all could cut office and administration pay. I’m glad my boys are grown, even though they loved ball, I’m afraid it wouldn’t be an option today.


    1. Ms. Kitchens,

      Thank you for your input. As we continue to move forward through the processes of fee reductions, we will constantly and consistently be reviewing our fee structure and reducing wherever possible. We will evaluate the fees on a sport-by-sport basis, each season.

      Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation is in the early stages of reviving our scholarship programs, which will further help families to be able to participate in recreational sports. We do want to see the fees continue to drop so more kids can play.

      If you would like to discuss this further, please contact Director Kevin Cowling at 706-314-1324, or by email,

      Again, we value your input,

      -Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation


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