Lee Morris announces his resignation from Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation

Lee Morris of Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation announces his resignation as Sports Coordinator for the department, effective April 7, 2016.

“I’m transitioning into a different opportunity that will allow me to spend more time with my family,” Morris said.

Kevin Cowling, director of Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation, said Morris and his hard work at the department will be missed.

“Lee has been an important, integral part of growing and nurturing the youth athletics programs, and he has done an outstanding job,” Cowling said. “We wish him luck in his future endeavors.”

Morris, who has worked nearly seven years as Sports Coordinator and has managed baseball, basketball and volleyball, has accomplished much during his time with Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation. He spearheaded the All Sports Camp, a favorite among kids offered each summer, and his work efforts increased baseball registration steadily each year since 2009.

Lee Morris“I’m very proud of the direction middle school baseball has taken since I’ve been working at Parks and Recreation,” Morris said. “I think it had 11 or 12 teams when I first started, and over the past five years it’s averaged at least 18 teams per season.”

Morris said working with young athletes has been a joy, and remembers his first supervisor, Larry Powell, telling him a success story that he’s always remembered.

“There was a child on a basketball team who was very introverted,” Morris recalled. “He was the least skilled athlete on his team, but at the end of a game, Larry allowed him to shoot a basket at the goal… he hadn’t scored in his whole life.”

Morris said it’s those moments that transform kids, and that’s what he has loved about supervising youth athletics.

“Years later, that child’s father shared with me that his son’s life changed that day,” Morris added. “His confidence level in social circumstances spiked. That’s one of my favorite stories I’ve told people throughout the years.”

It will be serving the youth of the community where he has lived his whole life that he will miss the most, Morris said, and he emphasized the value of youth participating in sports activities.

“My experience growing up in youth athletics taught me as much about life as it did sports,” Morris said. “I know firsthand how athletics can increase a child’s self-esteem, their concept of teamwork and how that can translate into their adult lives.”

Effective April 8th, Baseball-related inquiries should be made to Sports Coordinator Rick Haase, haaser@floydcountyga.org.



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  1. Lee was an excellent sports coordinator who always kept the kid’s interest first. I’ve known Lee since he started working there. He always respected the parents, coaches, workers, volunteers and was a true gentleman to everybody he came in to contact with. I worked for Lee for six years and he treated me fairly and was always there when you needed him. Thanks Lee for the opportunity to work with you and the REC. department and children of Floyd County. God Bless you and your family.


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