Kids in the community tumble into Gymnastics Camp

By Megan Nichole Broome
Marketing Intern

Adrenaline rushes through Jazmin Hill as she races down the mat and jumps onto the blanket of blue foam blocks that inhabit The Pit. Sounds of laughter and chatting echo throughout the gymnasium as energized children play on the equipment to channel their excitement into learning gymnastics.

These activities are only a glimpse into the exciting events that take place during Gymnastics Camp, sponsored by Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation.

gymncamp20161Learning the basics

Each day begins with large group games to help release any nervous jitters from kids. Then gymnastics camp instructors lead campers into warm-ups and stretches to emphasize the importance of safety when performing gymnastics stunts.

Six events are offered for the kids including exercises on the vault, bars, beam, trampoline, and games in which they spend 15 minutes in each area, and then rotate. Kids then receive a light snack to keep their energy built up.

Madysen Hill, a 7-year-old attending camp, says her favorite part is “the blocks because I can jump on them,” while Ashlynn Rood, age 7, likes the rope because she can “jump and swing on it.”

gymncamp20162Sarah Grimes, Gymnastics Coordinator for the Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation Department, describes that the camp offers a foundation for kids as young as 3 to learn the basics of gymnastics.

“Most of the kids who are here have taken a class with us maybe in the past, but have just come in for the week,” said Grimes. “We have a couple who are still in classes, so everybody is pretty much on the same level.”

Building gymnastics skills

The camp also accommodates older kids who possess some background in the sport by allowing them to choose more-advanced activities

“That way, the kids who already have a hand-stand are maybe working with something a little harder,” said Grimes.

NINAMAYORGYMNIn order to encourage the kids to never give up, the theme this year is the Olympics which inspired arts and crafts such as Olympic torches and Gold Medals made out of construction paper. The kids enjoy a movie while they foster their creativity into these crafts.

Having taught gymnastics for two years, Taylor Diehl said her favorite part about being a camp instructor is working with fun, curious kids and she enjoys answering all their questions.

As noon approaches, campers reluctantly leave after having a blast and making new friends. However, are reassured that in the morning at 8 a.m., there will be more trampoline tumbles and gymnastics games to explore.

The next round of Gymnastics Camp is offered June 27-30 and July 11-14. Each camp day runs from 8 a.m. to noon, and cost $90 per week. Gymnastics camp is at the Rome Aerials Gymnastics Center at 1 Shorter Ave.

For more information about Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation summer camps, check out the Summer Camp guide online, and parents can register their kids on the website at

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