Girls get the royal treatment at Princess Camp

By Megan Nichole Broome
Marketing Intern

Every little girl’s favorite princess comes to life for a magical fairy tale experience at Princess Camp, located at Thornton Center hosted by Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation.

Princess 13
(from left) Lydia Wiegman, Eva Singh and Emma Teems create wants to play princess.

Byson Osteen, camp counselor for two years, described how each day is dedicated to a different princess and campers make crafts, eat snacks and play games related to the theme of the day.

 Campers use the wands and tiaras they craft to transform into the beautiful princess of the day.  Kids can come already dressed as a princess or costumes are provided for them to change into.

Hillman Take 2
Campers craft beautiful wands at Princess Camp.

A favorite part for the campers is to dress as a favorite princess and showcase their ball gown dresses to their fellow royal friends.


 Princess Camp is popular among kids aged four to eight, with 12 kids enrolled in the camp.

                                                                           “We scaled down this year to be able to give a one-on-one with the kids,” said Osteen.

 When asked which princess they like the most, campers were very imperative about their answers.

 Emma Teems, age 4, says her favorite princess is “Rapunzel because she has long hair and my hair is going to be long when I am five.”

 A favorite princess for Sophie Borner, age 6, is the “Snow Queen because she has frozen powers.”

Princess 5
Sophie Borner and Clara Patterson each dress as their favorite princess on the last day of Princess Camp.

 Some campers like Lindsay Neville, age 4, are inspired to pick their princess by their favorite color. “[My favorite princess is] Cinderella because she has a blue dress.”

 After a week of tea parties, playing dress up, roaming the corridors of their castles and making new friends, each little princess leaves camp with fun memories, looking forward to Princess Camp again, next summer.

 More fun and inspirational camps are on the way this summer. View the Summer Camp Guide and visit the camp page at for details.

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