Yoga classes to begin at Parker Center for Active Adults

In just a couple of weeks, seniors will have the opportunity to get their zen on at the Parker Center for Active Adults.

yoga-promo-2Yoga classes for seniors will start Jan. 24th and will be each Tuesday from 11 a.m. to noon at the center located on Kingston Highway. The class will be taught by John Reiners, who has been a yoga instructor for seniors since 2007.

“We’re going to be doing a gentle form of Hatha Yoga,” Reiners said. “Positions can be adjusted for each person’s ability. We’ll be doing some standing and seated positions as well as stretches on the back and on the belly.”

Yoga is very beneficial for seniors, he said, in helping with flexibility, balance, muscle ability and bone strength, but the spiritual and mental benefits of yoga are to be noted as well.

“It brings a sense of peace, an equanimity and calmness,” he said, adding that he does yoga instruction for seniors even in their 80s.

“Savasana tends to be everyone’s favorite part. It’s five minutes of total relaxation at the end of the class where you lie on your back, completely at peace, totally relaxed. It helps people tap into that opening of peace and calm they can experience within themselves.”

Mats are provided for seniors who don’t own a mat and the class costs $2. For seniors with a Silver Sneakers card, the class is free. Seniors should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes to class.

For more information on yoga classes at the Parker Center, call 706.234.0383.

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