4 Floyd County Residents bring home awards from 2017 National Senior Games.

Rome, GA-  Gladys Mixon, Carol Waddell, Gordon Haney, and Luke Studdard competed in the National Senior Games in Birmingham, Alabama together brought home awards. The games comprised of 10,517 athletes. Eight foreign countries were represented as well.

Gordon Haney, 92, was a star at the games. He placed first and received a gold medal in horseshoes in men singles ages 90-94. He also received a silver medal when he placed 2nd in the shuffleboard competition men singles for ages 90-94.

“Gordon Haney is an amazing athlete! He is my inspiration and I am so proud of his accomplishments at the games” says Gladys Mixon.

Gladys Mixon, 65, placed 8th in the horseshoes for women singles ages 65-69. She brought home a ribbon. She also participated in shuffleboard.

Carol Waddell, 66, placed 4th place in the hammer throw competition in the 65-69 age division. Her distance was 19.33m (63′ 5.02″). She received a ribbon. She also placed 6th in Shot put with a distance of 7.11m (23′ 3.92″). She participated in the javelin and placed 11th place out of 15 athletes that competed.

Luke Studdard, 76, participated in Men’s Singles Horseshoe competition for ages 75-79. He placed 6th place.

“It was so much fun and met a lot of people.” Says Glady’s Mixon. “I hope that I will get the opportunity to continue to be a part of these competition.”

The four residents practice at the Charles C. Parker for active adults to get ready for the event. They will be there to continue to prepare as they get ready for the next games that will take place in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2019.


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