Basic Pistol Safety Training Course to be held at Charles C. Parker Center on July 29th

Rome, Georgia- Georgia Firearms and Security Training Academy LLC. (GAFASTA) is offering a basic pistol safety training course for the citizens of Rome and members of Charles Parker Center from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm on July 29th, 2017. Minimal class size is 10 students with a maximum of 20 students. This course of instruction is designed for the first-time gun owners and students that are interested in learning the basic skills, knowledge and attitude in safely handling a pistol.

This course is the cornerstone for students interested in participating in GAFSTA intermediate level courses such as Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) course. We believe this training is the responsibility of every individual considering owning a firearm for home defense, protection, concealed carry, gun enthusiast or collector.

This four (4) hour course will consist of three (3) hours classroom with written test (minimum score 80%) and (1) hour range training and qualifications (minimal score 80%).

For more information, contact Rodney Smith at 770-530-5630. The fee for this course is $80. To register, please go to click on “Shop” click on “Page 2” click on “Rome Ga. Basic Pistol Safety Training Course”. Registration Deadline is July 25th – Space is limited so register early!

Revolver and Semi-Automatic Nomenclature: This forty- five (45) minute presentation and hands on training will give the students the knowledge to identity pistols nomenclature, as well as loading, unloading pistols and magazines, cylinders with snap caps.

Sight Alignment, Sight Picture Trigger Control, Reset and Malfunctions: This forty-five (45) minute presentation and hands on training will give the students the knowledge to properly sight alignment, recognize a sight picture, proper use of trigger and reset function. Students will recognize and demonstrate clearing of misfires, stove pipes and double feed malfunctions. Malfunction drills are intermediate level, we believe these techniques are needed for the basic training.

Grip and Stance: This forty-five (45) minute presentation and hands-on training will teach students the proper two hand shooting grip and athletic stance.

Range Training and Qualification: This one (1) hour hands on course of fire is designed for the first-time shooters that are interested in learning the basic shooting fundamentals. Students will demonstrate safe gun handling, loading, unloading and shooting proficiency score 80 percent at (15) fifteen feet.

Items required:

  • Students will need to provide 50 rounds of FMJ (Full metal jacket) ammunition
  • Students attending do not need a pistol, pistols can be rented at the range
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection (plugs and muffs)
  • 5 Snap caps for your caliber 


Students successfully completing this course will earn a certificate of completion. Students will need their pistols during the classroom portion of this course.

No live ammunition or loaded firearms in the classroom (Leave ammunition in your vehicle)

Firearms must be stowed in a holster, gun box or gun bag.

Students are NOT permitted to handle any firearms without permission of the firearms instructor.

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