Camp Ultimate encourages teamwork, exercise

By Megan Nichole Broome
Marketing Intern

Exciting events await community kids as the Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation Department kicks off the summer with Adventure Camps that foster creativity and team-building exercises for children.

Kids enrolled in Camp Ultimate learned to play pickleball at Thornton Center on Thursday.

A glimpse inside Camp Ultimate, hosted at the Thornton Recreation Center in Armuchee, highlights the Recreation Department’s goal of providing an atmosphere of fun physical activities that enhance the lives of young people by encouraging them to cooperate and maintain an active lifestyle.

Activities such as NERF Wars, dodge ball, kickball, and pickleball, demonstrate how the children develop teams and interact with each other in a strategic and creative way. This expression is further encouraged with the child-approved method of building and destructing Lego towers.

Bryson Osteen, a 17-year-old counselor at Camp Ultimate said the focus of Camp Ultimate is for the kids to have a blast, and channel their excitement into healthy, physical activity.

“They are all kind of anxious and just wanting to run around and get all of their energy out, so we will do something like dodge ball or play kick ball.”

Kids enrolled in Camp Ultimate range from 5 to 12 years old, and they have ample amounts of energy and become very excited to have an outlet to express themselves, Osteen added.

Younger campers practiced the art of serving against the wall at Thornton Center during Camp Ultimate.

Alex Cord, a child attending the camp, said his favorite part is “nerf guns because you have battles.”

Although this is his first year participating, he says he has already made new friends. Other children like Owen Hard found spider ball to be a favorite, while Sarah Beth Bushell was intrigued by pickleball.

The active agenda of the camp condones the need for snack time, and this of course includes every kid’s favorite foods: Rice Krispy Treats and Gold Fish.

Osteen emphasized the constant goal of making this camp unique and switching up fun activities.

“We make it different, so if the same kids come they are doing (something different) every time,” she said.

After three years of being a camp counselor, Osteen said watching kids grow and have fun is the most rewarding aspect of her job.

Camp Ultimate Counselor Bryson Osteen helps campers as they play pickleball for the first time.

“You get to interact with the kids,” she said. “Just seeing them have a good time is probably the best part about this.”

Other Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation Adventure Camps are going on throughout the summer, and each camp focuses on the importance of working together, healthy physical activity, being creative and shooting for their goals.

The Summer Camp guide is available online, and parents can register their kids on the website at

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